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    Entrepreneurs want to make beer from USED bathwater

    Used bathwater from a San Francisco tower will be used to make Epic Cleantec brewed beer.

    I never liked beer. I’ve always been a mixed drink kinda gal. I’ve tried beer several times at the encouragement of friends, but I’ve always thought it tasted like “piss.” With the number of people who admittedly pee in the tub, this new beer probably tastes even more like “piss.” I will NOT be trying it. Will you? —Editor

    “With its golden hue and light fruity flavor, the beer being sipped by Aaron Tartakovsky looks and tastes just like many others.

    But it contains an unusual ingredient: recycled wastewater from a San Francisco skyscraper.

    The beverage was brewed to raise public awareness of the “untapped” potential of water sources that might seem unsavory at first glance, at a time when the American West is struggling with chronic drought exacerbated by global warming, explains Tartakovsky.”

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