Mission Statement

Hands holding a green planet earth made from plants.

Our Mission Statement

At Zany Progressive, it is our goal to create a website that provides the latest news in politics and displays it in a social media format to attract more young people to politics.

Mission of the Zany Progressive Community

To provide a place for Progressives to come together to interact, organize, and join together to fight corruption, fight for our rights, fight for our planet, and

If we all came together and stood united for the fight… It would be powerful.

Read through the very brief story below about what’s going on and how it can end if we join together.

Our Goals

This started out as a generic news site with blog posts about politics.

“But as the state of politics and the degradation of the Republican party continued to worsen as it started to take strange twists and turns through insanity, I began to feel like I was going through the looking glass. Falling into an alternate reality where facts were lies and lies were “Truths”.

The man who told 30,000 lies created a Twitter knockoff called Truth Social.

The daily waves of hypocrisy and irony pummeled me as I fought to get back to reality where I could try and save us from ourselves.”

Will you join me?

Serena Zehlius, Founder of Zanyprogressive.com

The mission isn’t just to share political news content, but to grow a community of like-minded individuals to share viral content and news articles, have friendly debates and discussions in the comments section, and share posts that are important to us with our friends on social media.

For more information on the Zany Progressive Community, see our About Us page.

Read our DEI statement.