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Mission Statement:

We are a news site that puts integrity and facts first. We avoid news from mainstream media and instead create our own content along with news from trusted sources that share our Progressive values. The goal of the Zany community is to provide a place where Progressives and activists can network, create friendships, and organize protests and events.

All of this works toward the end goal of positive change in the United States, destroying corruption, and doing this by getting money out of politics. The end result will be representatives in our government that are there to do things for the people they represent, not to enrich themselves.

We bring the fun to political news.

Zany Progressive, which started out as Asylum News, had been named after the insanity of politics. It made sense that political news belonged in an insane asylum!

When setting up our account on Tumblr, the auto-generated name provided for the blog was Zany Progressive. We decided to use that as our brand and had it trademarked.

Our Honesty and Integrity

Our News Sources

We have permission from the news organizations you’ll find on the site to republish their content. Either in the form of a content syndication agreement, written permission, or indirect permission via their policy for republishing content posted on their website. If they publish their content under a Creative Commons license, we abide by their rules when republishing their content.

If we receive a request to remove content by the original publisher (via [email protected] or other contact method), it’s our policy to remove the post upon receipt of the request. Our intention is not to “steal” content from others and market it as ours.


In order to convey our intention of sharing the news and providing more traffic for the original source, we indicate the original author with their name and photo above each article, and an author box below with their publicly available biography. The author’s name links to a page that contains all of their articles on the site.


We do not edit the original article, although we may sometimes reword the headline for SEO purposes. All of the links in the content are from the original source. If anything is added to content, there will be a “additional reporting by...”or… “Twitter post embed was added by our editor” notation on the post. There is also a link back to the original source. Any posts created by the editor that include content from another source will indicate the original author and the linked source. If only minimal commentary (or none) is added, then the post will show up under the original author/reporter in the byline.

Join the community and the cause

Our main goal is to build a community of like-minded people who are aware of the importance of integrity, honesty, respect, compassion, empathy, and activism. (see our mission statement). Our community will fight for equality, racial justice, abortion rights, women’s rights, raising the minimum wage, universal healthcare, assisting the homeless population, and BLM protest events. This is not an all-inclusive list by any means, but it should give you an idea of what we stand for.

Read our DEI statement.


Viral header

It is FREE to join, and membership opens up access to the community that resembles Facebook—with friend requests, followers, instant private messaging, instant notifications, activity walls for each member profile and a main activity wall for all member content.

  • Join in a debate happening in the comment section of a news article.
  • Write an article about a current event you’re interested in.
  • Create the funniest meme ever that you can share on the homepage (if approved), or on social media.

It’s all free for members!

There is another membership level coming soon called “Activist” that will include a monthly subscription fee of $2.00. Activists will have verified accounts with access to exclusive content, members-only groups, and the Viral Content Creator (currently available to all members until 1/1/2025).

The Frontend Viral Post Creator

Membership gives you free access to be creative and make shareable content. If you need help using it, view the documentation on our support page.

Social media is on fire right now.

Social media
A poll
A user is creating a quick poll while grabbing lunch.
A quiz created with the frontend editor
A trivia quiz being created in the Editor
Screenshot of the BuzzEditor where a viral list is being created by a user.
Screenshot of the BuzzEditor where a viral list is being created by a user.
Buzz story
A story being made in the Viral Content Creator
A public convo
A public conversation for other members to join

Membership will always be free

There will always be a free membership option that includes everything except access to create Viral Content.

As a member, you can submit your own content to be included in the main NewsStream. Member-submitted articles will always be fact-checked, must have sources and will be approved by an editor prior to posting. See the guest contributor agreement or our careers page to become a regular contributor.

While we do take the news seriously, we also understand how dire the political situation is. So count on us to bring you the best variety of news and opinion out there. All in one place.

BUT, with that dire situation in mind, we also need some fun, creative content mixed in with all of that depressing…infuriating… stressful…

political news.

That’s why being a part of our Progressive news community is so important. And it’s FREE to become a member!

*Visitors cannot see the additional content created by members, and they can’t comment, search archived news, or create content. They are also unable to send private messages, engage with groups, or use any of the other social media features.

Our Community of political news addicts

Member directory
The Member Directory

On the homepage you’ll find the main NEWSSTREAM, displaying news articles in a fun “social-feed” display with the most recent shown at the top. Each article has a comment section and a voting box where you can upvote the post or react to it.

Each post gives you the option to share it to popular social media sites. You can also share the link on another site, in a text message, or in an email. We encourage you to share our content and invite your friends to join the community!

Enjoy your time on the site

Bookmark the NewsStream now, so you only have to visit one website each time you want the latest Progressive news, opinions, and snarky blog posts. For now, you can join us, read the news, or check out the guidelines prior to joining Zany Progressive.

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