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    Conservatives on Fox News cry over Black disabled Santa Claus

    I have something to say. (This is the editor, by the way.) These folks can walk into any store and have no problem finding a White, able-bodied Santa. So why do they care if there are Santas available for people that are disabled to buy? (You can see on the shelf that there are White disabled Santas, too. ) How is this hurting you people?! Why are you so against diversity? (I know why, I’m just putting the question out there because I would love to hear the reason they give to cover up their White Supremacist ideologies. It looks like Jesse Watters has taken over Tucker’s Nazi speech for Fox. –Editor-in-Chief P.S. It looks like Jesse Watters hates disabled people. Pass it on.

    Riley Gaines and Fox host Jesse Watters criticized toys portraying a disabled Black Santa Claus.

    Watch the video here.

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