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    Right-wing host stuns room after bigoted parent admits disowning LGBTQ daughter

    Right-wing host makes unbelievably bigoted response in praising a parent’s letter about rejecting his daughter and attacking LGBTQ community.

    “Conservative BlazeTV host Steve Deace recently applauded a viewer for refusing to accept his lesbian daughter, saying that LGBTQ+ people want to “infest our children” and it’s important for parents to “maintain their conviction.”

    Deace’s reaction came in response to a letter from a viewer named David Biddle, who said he is a fundamentalist Southern Baptist and a “culture warrior.”

    He said his daughter “loved the Lord” and was his “world” and “sidekick” until her sophomore year of college, when she “got grabbed by the lesbian cult.””

    Read more here: Rightwing host praises dad for rejecting gay daughter because LGBTQ+ people “infest our children”

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