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Trump Spokesperson Says Campaign Will Deploy Soldiers At Polling Sites

Former Donald Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt said Trump’s campaign plans to deploy soldiers to polling sites during the 2024 election. David Shuster and Wosny Lambre discuss on The Young Turks.

“Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, claimed on Monday that the Trump campaign would deploy “soldiers” to monitor polling stations on election day in an effort to make sure “there are no irregularities” or “fraud.”

During an appearance on The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show, Leavitt told host Kimberly Guilfoyle:

“We’re so excited about our recent merger with the Republican National Committee and the new leadership we have there in both Lara Trump and Michael Whatley. Our team is already working hand-in-hand with the staff at the RNC as one very lean and mean machine, as we like to call it, with one goal, and that goal is victory for Republicans up and down the ballot on November 5th.”

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