Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Israel Launches Attack on Rafah Despite International Warning

The only reason Israel has said anything in response to the outrage following this attack on Rafah is because it’s on video. We can see a decapitated baby, we can hear children’s screams as they are burning alive or lying in a hospital bed writhing in pain. The children not among the 15,000+ that have already been killed in this war, will live with the trauma of watching people burn, seeing their dead relatives, watching their parents as they’re being taken away by IDF soldiers for no reason.

German news broadcast

Israel’s attack on Rafah has caused international condemnation after they ignored warnings not to launch an attack. Rafah, Palestinian citizens were told, is a safe zone. Now that Gaza is destroyed, Palestinians are living in tents in Southern Gaza, with nowhere left to go, amidst a humanitarian catastrophe.

There isn’t any food or water, no bathrooms—so disease is festering—no medical supplies—so the people burned in the bombing aren’t receiving proper treatment or pain management. Children are dying of malnutrition and famine has set in.

This attack on Rafah is just one of many war crimes that Israel faces possible arrest warrants for.

Child died of starvation in Gaza
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